What Are Child Benefits?

Child benefits are a welfare benefit program introduced by the HM Revenue and Customs. You can contact the HMRC Phone Number where you can access a variety of child benefit information directly from the dedicated specialists. Contact the support phone number regarding information regarding eligibility, changes to your personal circumstances, claims or cancelling your child benefit (together with proof of birth).

Access Support with Child Benefit

It would require a couple of things to talk with HMRC. If you need to submit a Child Benefit claim or just want to speak to an advisor. A Child Benefit Number, if you do not have a Child Benefit number you must be prepared with your NI number.

Child Benefits Explained:

Child benefit is essentially a financial benefit to those responsible for children but can vary depending on the child’s status. It applies to that only person who has full custody of a child or to that person who makes that child’s expenses. Contributions can change by different circumstances, so they can include traditional, physical clothing, food and pocket money, gifts on the child’s birthday and Christmas.

Child Benefit will continue paying for 20 weeks every month if the child is sixteen or seventeen years old and registers for the armed services following military training services. In addition, Child Benefit could be suspended one to two weeks. Again, if this happens, you should inform HMRC immediately to avoid being targeted with letters saying that Child Benefit is being withdrawn from you. The phone number for this service is above.

Who Is Eligible To Claim?

In order to be provided Child Benefit for your child, you must adopt or foster an eligible child. You will qualify for this benefit as soon as you take charge of the child. The nationality of your adopted or fostered child is not a reason why his or her Child Benefit is declined. Before the child comes live, it will receive a claim decision. It can refund or reject its decision. To know if you are eligible to claim Child Benefit or general enquires about this program when adopting or fostering a child, call the online claims number above.

In the case of parents who earn more than £50,000 a year, they will have to pay taxes on their child benefit. Otherwise, those who do not want their payment of Child Benefit be taken from them will have to fill out form specific for this purpose. By submitting a form, a formal objection is made and the payment ceases.

To qualify, call the phone number above to receive further information on claiming your child benefit.

How To Submit a Claim?

Simply complete the child benefit claim form and send the original child’s birth certificate with it to HMRC. Once a valid signature has been taken from the parent or legal guardian you can begin claiming. You will need to print the form off and send by post to:

Child Benefit Office (GB)
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE88 1ZD

How long is the application process?

The application process can take around 12 weeks and maybe even longer depending on if you child is a resident of the UK. Child benefits can be backdated for three months, so it’s best to get in touch with HMRC as soon as possible.

Submitting Complaints or Requests

Before you can make a complaint to HMRC, regarding the service you received, a delay with your application or any mistakes. You will need to include some information that would help the organisation to investigate your case, such as:

• Full-Name
• National Insurance Number
• Contact Details
• Information Regarding Complaint
• Complaint Reference Number
• How You Would Like HMRC to Resolve

The HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is committed to delivering excellent customer service to every one of it’s clients. You can log a formal complaint with an advisor by calling the telephone number above. If the complaint is still not resolved, you can pursue your complaint right up until the Ombudsman’s Office by calling the service helpline.

When it comes to Child Benefit, only one person can have their children receive this weekly benefit paid. The rates for each child you have will depend on how many dependents you have. If you have just one, then it’s £20.70 a week for just one person. For two kids it’s £13.70. There is a maximum of benefits that those aged between 16 and 64 can receive.

Can somebody contact on my behalf?

You or your authorised representative needs to disclose or discuss matters about finance and benefits with HM Revenue & Customs. Since the Data Protection Act of 1998, they will not be able to discuss your finances or benefits with anyone else unless you have authorized this. You can authorise a close family member or friend to make them an appointee using the currently available online form, the TC689. It is possible to authorise more than one thing at once by simply making two separate scans, both up to 12 months apart. There are no initials that are needed to validate this password scan.

If you need to contact HMRC regarding your child benefit application or for general enquiries, use the above number to speak to a friendly and dedicated advisor.

Child Benefit Phone Number

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