Submitting Tax Credits Claim

What Are Tax Credits?

What Are Tax Credits? The HMRC regulates all of the collection of taxes throughout the UK. Taxes are paid by those that are employed, over […]

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Parents claiming child tax benefits

What Are Child Benefits?

What Are Child Benefits? Child benefits are a welfare benefit program introduced by the HM Revenue and Customs. You can contact the HMRC Phone Number […]

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Completing a Tax self-assessment

What Is Self-Assessment?

What Is Self-Assessment? Income tax in the UK is collected by a government-operated HM Revenue and Customs Self-Assessment system. This means it is automatically deducted […]

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Handling national insurance card

What is National Insurance?

What is National Insurance? “HMRC” or HM Revenue and Customs, a government bureau, is in charge of paying National Insurance, benefits for many citizens. This […]

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Filing Income Tax Return

What is Income Tax?

What is Income Tax? HM Revenue and Customs, issues and collects income tax, or ‘Pay As You Earn’ (PAYE) is the figure calculated by your […]

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Man calculates PAYE tax

What Is PAYE?

What Is PAYE? If we want to speak about PAYE Tax, first we should answer the question about who enforces the income tax. HM Revenue […]

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Paying Corporation Tax

What Is Corporation Tax?

What Is Corporation Tax? Corporation tax is a requirement and must be paid at regular intervals throughout the year. if your business is based in […]

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Calculating your VAT

What is VAT?

What is VAT? A tax that must be paid in the UK is Value Added Tax or VAT for short, which can also be known […]

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